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This Central Listing Agreement defines the terms and conditions whereby MYERS YACHT SALES, LLC., hereafter called Broker agrees to manage the sale of the vessel described below on behalf of the undersigned owner/agent, hereafter called Owner.
Vessel Name__________________________ Year _________Length_________Mfg. ______________________Model_______________
Type ________________Hull ID #___________________________________ Doc # ___________________State Reg # ________________
This agreement shall be effective for 90 days from this date and thereafter, until revoked by a 30 day written notice by either party. _____________initial Broker shall have the sole right and authority to manage the sale of the above described vessel at the Listing Price of

1. Owner agrees to deliver the vessel in good title, free and clear of liens. The usual and customary practice for examination, water trials, bottom inspections, surveys and closing the transaction shall apply.

2. For securing a purchaser for the above-described vessel: Upon the sale, donation, trade or ex [...]

Let the Myers team utilize their extensive network to market your yacht to unique and qualified buyers. We will do a thorough inspection of your yacht and give you a realistic idea of its current market value as well as make suggestions in order to maximize the listing price.

You don't need to sign a contract to find out what your boat is worth.Understand what your vessel is valued in today's market.Let us know if you are ready to list your yacht for sale.START EVALUATIONYour yacht is exposed to the entire world through email Internet and traditional marketing channels.Receive more buyer attention by promoting at boat shows, open houses, special events, and more.From our 10 locations and industry knowledge stretching back to 1970 we are able to negotiate the best deal for you.Not only do we spend more than $1 million in annual advertising, but also have more than 5 million Internet visitors a year.LIST YOUR YACHT NOW Professional Listing Representation Worldwide Marketing $1 million spent on annual marketing and promotions Internet marketing receives more than 5 million visits per year Customer Relationship Full-Service Marina Manage Surveys Factory trained and ce [...]

To start, simply complete the form fields with your information below . There are no commitments to list by completing the form. We will contact you to discuss your listing details, and answer any questions that you may have.

Sea Ray 420 Sundancer


State-of-the-art sport yacht is an impressive blend of European styling, posh accommodations. Wide 14′ beam allows huge interior with two private staterooms with privacy doors (not curtains). Lacquered cherry woodwork, leather sofas. Massive cockpit features U-shaped lounge seating aft, perfect helm layout. Aft section of cockpit lifts electrically for engine access. Full cockpit bimini top with clear enclosure w/aft back drop canvas. Huge swim platform with trunk storage hatch.

A good turn of speed is achieved with a pair of Cummins Diamond Series 450HP diesels cruising in the mid 20’s & about 30 knots top.

Click here to download a copy of our Central Listing Agreement

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? IWhether you are looking to finance a sport boat, cruiser, mega yacht or RV, or refinancing your existing loan, Newcoast Financial Services can design a financing program to meet your unique needs Our professional team of loan specialists have years of experience and are available to help answer your questions throughout the process. For more information please contact Joey Gottfried from Newcoast Financial services directly for questions or pre approval at: Joey Gottfried Newcoast Financial Services Clearwater, FL Phone: 678-523-7350 Fax: 813-402-0448 Email:, joey-ad

Buying a yacht is one of the most expensive investments that one can undertake. As pricey as these masters of the sea are, they can turn out to be very expensive especially when using for fishing or hiring purposes. As an individual seeking to buy a yacht being sold by a yacht broker, here are some factors you should greatly take into consideration.

  • Your Budget

This is the most fundamental consideration for one to have. Any purchase should always be within the limits of one’s pockets. Some of the yachts are beyond the reach of the average person. There are a few though that are relatively affordable.

A good yacht in the market can even cost a staggering $1000,000. Even with a bank loan, you will need to have an excellent borrowing record or provide high-valued collateral. The best practice is to buy boats that you can afford to avoid bad debt.


  • Docking Space
  • [...]

Best Ways To Sell Your Boat

Everyone is in love with the idea of owning their own boat. The dream of being able to sail about a lake, or speed across the water, bringing your family and friends along with you is a great dream. And many people, upon purchasing a boat, find that the reality is every bit as great as the dream. Yet other people find that owning a boat simply isn’t for them. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Sometimes, something just doesn’t turn out the way you want. Or, alternatively, you’ve enjoyed your boat, but you’re moving to some place that doesn’t have lakes or rivers.

There’s a number of reasons why you might want to sell your boat. But the simple fact is that selling your boat is difficult. You can always take out an ad in the paper and hope someone worthwhile sees it. There are, of course, [...]

Boats are a great way to get out into the water and enjoy catching fish that you normally do not see by the shore. The problem you often have is your boats can be expensive to run and this often means you have to work quite a bit to keep them running. Sometimes, this will work out great, but other times this does not work out so good and you may need to consider selling your boat. However, you may need to know more about why you should list the boat with a dealer, instead of trying to sell the boat on your own.

Boat Dealers tend to have quite a bit more in the way of exposure. Since the dealers have the exposure, they are going to take all the marketing and make it easier. Plus when people are looking for a boat, they tend to stop in at the marinas, instead of the [...]

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